Buy One, Give One Dog Toy

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  • Materials
    Fabric shell: 55% certified organic hemp and 45% certified organic cotton
  • Filling: recycled polyester
  • Measures 8 inches by 3½ inches
  • Made in the USA width="72" height="72" >>

This plush dog toy is a perfect way to help animals while giving your four-legged best friend hours of fun and exercise. For every toy sold, Bears for Humanity will donate a toy to a neglected "backyard dog" through PETA's Community Animal Project (CAP).

CAP has improved the lives of thousands of animals in Virginia and North Carolina. Our fieldworkers rescue local animals directly—crawling through sewers, poking through junkyards, climbing trees, dodging cars, and coaxing terrified strays to safety. We go into the very poorest neighborhoods to deliver food, doghouses, and bedding to neglected animals who have never known a kind word or soft touch.

We also offer spaying and neutering surgeries for animals who would otherwise reproduce and bring many more animals into a life of misery.

To learn more about CAP, please visit

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